Things To Do In Door County

With 300 miles of shoreline and 19 communities, no holiday is the same when visiting Door County, which covers most of the peninsula, north of Green Bay. The many lighthouses, harbors and inviting historic villages are the scenery giving good reason to refer to this county as the “Cape Cod of the Midwest.”

Situated just into Lake Michigan, Door County is not only a popular motorcycling destination, but also a great choice for water sports activities like kayaking, fishing and even shipwreck diving. Here are some of the best things to do in Door County.

1. Peninsula State Park

The Peninsula State Park may well be the most popular state park in the county, but in fact it is only one of the five Wisconsin’s state parks Door County is home to. With a wide range of campsites, Sandy beaches, hiking and cycling trails, lighthouses and even a golf course, it is considered as one of the most complete state parks in the region. When making a visit, don’t forget to make a stop at the Eagle Bluff Light, the lighthouse located near Fish Creek.

2. Fish boils

When spending a holiday in Door County, you can’t miss on the traditional fish boil, a popular meal for tourists. Fish boil gives you a peek in the communal cooking of the past and basically is a meal of potatoes, onions and whitefish provided by the nearby Lake Michigan that is cooked in a large kettle over a wood fire. The cooking ends with pouring some kerosine over the fire which causes the water to boil over. It’s not only a great show, but in the end, you will have a mouth-watering fish dish, served with veggies and butter.

3. Door County Maritime museum

With the many fishing villages, lighthouses and harbors, it’s prette obvious the history of Door County is a maritime one. Even if you’re not into that cultural aspect of traveling, visiting the Door County Maritime museum should be on your list. The museum is situated along the historic waterfront in Sturgeon Bay and exhibits classic boats and ship models. Visiting is a must if you want to understand the essence of the area.

4. Washington Island

A complete holiday to Door County can’t go without a visit to Washington Island, the largest of the county’s islands. At the tip of the peninsula you can take the ferry across the straights, but be careful. This treacherous straight has claimed a horrible reputation among fishermen who lost their lives here. French explorers even gave it the name ‘Death’s Door Passage’.

5. The Beach

Being located at Lake Michigan, Door County is home to 53 beaches. More than enough reason to spend your holiday on some of them. The Waterfront Park is the largest public beach of the county and a perfect spot for a picknick, while Schoolhouse Beach at Washington Island will give you an unique experience since it has an unusual pebble shoreline.