About the Owners

20130817-_DSC2611 (1)After many vacations in Door County, we knew we wanted to create a place of our own on the peninsula, a place we could visit year after year to create lasting memories with our family and friends.

We knew we wanted a home that we could enjoy during any season. A home that was close to the beaches on Green Bay, near the buzzing hub of a downtown area and that allowed us to enjoy the beauty of nature in Door County. We settled on our plot in Egg Harbor – perfectly situated in a wooded area and still so close to the beach and downtown.

We built Trillium Gap Cottage in 2002, taking care to make the home a true retreat: a place where we could rest and recharge, and a place we would always look forward to visiting.   We began offering our home as a door county lodging experience to share with others in 2012 and have so enjoyed sharing our home!


Susie is a Certified Tourism Ambassador for Door County, happy to help personalize your trip with the best of Door County experiences!

Door County is a place of respite and nurture, of health and creativity. We hope you treasure your time in Door County and at Trillium Gap Cottage as much as we always enjoy our time in our up north home.

– The Julisons

For more information, please call Susie at (847) 975-2500.